kn95 face mask

Short Description:

1. Name: KN95 Protective Mask 
2. Color: White 
3. Material: Non-woven Fabric 
4. Filtering Rate: ≥95% (0.075μm Particles) 
5. Protection Class: KN95=N95=FFP2 
6. Validity: 3 Years 
7. Applicable Object: All people
8. Function: prevent spittle, sand, dust, haze, bacteria, etc 
9. Standard: GB2626-2006 
10.Certificate: CE,FDA 
11.Item Condition:100% Brand New 

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The NK95 disposable masks are constructed with a three-layer filtration system of nonwoven soft and breathable fiber for effective protection. The masks feature extra soft and comfortable elastic ear loops that will not apply pressure to the ears during use and have an adjustable nose bridge strip. The masks come in a single size that fits most faces. They are non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, contain no dyes and are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. The disposable masks should be replaced daily for best hygiene and are ideal for one-time use in a non-medical setting.Our KN95 protective masks are CE and FDA certified.

Product name KN95 protective mask 
Standard GB2626-2006
Certification CE、FDA
Shelf life Three years
Features Filtration efficiency of non-oily particles and powder layer is above 95%
Purpose Dust-proof, PM2.5-proof, anti-fog
Packaging Details Inner box:30pcs/Box,Inner box size:130×130×9.5MM; Weight:206.6g/Box
Outer box:18box / Carton=540PCS,Outer box size:41×28×33CM,Weight:4.5kg/Box
Carton dimension weight:7.8kg

How to use the mask ?

Cover the nose and mouth and hangs the ear straps on both sides of the mouth-muffle on the ear; Fix the bridges of the nose in a nose to prevent dirty air from entering; Pull the mouth-muffle to the lower jaw to create a three-dimensional breathing space. Best wear time is 8 hours.

Application of masks :

Widely use in the restaurants, beauty salons, nail shops, pet shops gray sky, fog weather and cleaning as well as other environments.


1. Disposable KN 95 mouth-muffle, breathable, anti dust, sanitary and convenient for using 
2. 95% filtration, a 360-degree three dimensional breathing space, provide anti-dust protection for you 
3. Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable 
4. High elastic rubber band, absorb sweat and not tight 
5. Folding thin section, lightweight and easy to use


*Masks are currently in short supply, so we recommend that you prepare masks for long-term use.

*KN95 masks and N95 masks both represent a type of mask that can filter non-oily particles in the air to more than 95%.

*Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, international logistics is very unstable. We ship in 24 hours after receiving the order, but delivery time depends on the carrier.

*Please confirm your acceptance before purchasing. Thank you for your understanding!

*If you want Expedited Shipping, please contact the seller.

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