10GLINK Launches Data Center High Density Fiber Distribution Solution

With the strong development of the Internet and big data, the information infrastructure is in full swing. With the implementation of China’s 2020, dual integration, cloud computing and other national strategic policies, it is expected that the data center market will maintain rapid growth in the next few years. 10GLINK Communications Co., Ltd. Powering the data center market and launching data center high-density fiber distribution solutions.

     The MTP® /MPO high-density fiber optic distribution system in the 10GLINK data center solution is modular in design, reducing the time and effort of assembly and installation. The improvement and maintenance of structured communication wiring meets today and in the future. Data center requirements (in accordance with EN50173-5:2007 and ISO/IEC 24764:2010 standard requirements). The MTP® / MPO connectors are based on the IEC 61754-7 and TIA/EIA 604-5 standards, and in the high-speed bandwidth access environment of commercial buildings and data centers, the LC fiber interface standard is the preferred choice for ITS (information telephony). It can be applied to parallel communication, enabling data transfer rates of up to 120 GB / s and meeting the upcoming 40 GB / s and 100 GB / s Ethernet protocols with OM3, OM4 and OS2 fibers. Similar to the well-known MT-RJ fiber optic interface standard, the MTP® connector encapsulates multiple fibers in a single high-precision ferrule with a spherical or beveled finish. Typical insertion loss is less than 0.25 dB and single mode return loss is greater than 60. dB, the insertion loss is less than 0.2 dB, and the multimode return loss is greater than 30 dB.

MTP® / MPO fiber optic connector
MTP® / MPO fiber optic connectors provide fast butt-to-wire mating of up to 12, 24 or more fibers by snapping onto the adapter with a spring-loaded mechanical latch for locking. The guide pins on both sides of the MT ferrule are combined with the guide pin holes on the other end connector to achieve precise alignment of the fiber. The connector can be quickly disassembled for ferrule cleaning, interferometry or regrind the connector. MTP® fiber optic connector assemblies are fully compliant with IEC 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 standard specifications.

mpo 连接器 MPO 连接器散件
1. The patented floating ferrule ensures that the contact surface of the fiber is completely connected. The full connector is suitable for ribbon fiber or bundle fiber;
2. Single-mode, multi-mode design with low loss and standard loss. Patented precision guide pin ensures precise docking;
3, can support the use of rugged mini round cable, oval ribbon cable and bare fiber ribbon compatible with 4 ~ 24 core capacity MT ferrules different color connector housing to distinguish the type of fiber, grinding method and special connection Device
4, the connector frame is movable, the latch locking structure can be quickly disassembled, easy to insert ferrule cleaning and re-polishing and polishing without epoxy shell material design can be applied to the home wall information panel;

Circular strain relief connector parts in controlled environment
The multi-core fiber is wrapped in a loose round outer casing, and the unique cable design provides better link performance. Compared with the traditional flat ribbon cable, the circular cable can be eliminated by eliminating the bending of the ribbon fiber. Better deployment of connections to different axial MTP® / MPO connector ports. The MTP® / MPO connector parts are designed to be terminated on a loose circular cable. (3.0mm ~ 5.5mm standard cable outer diameter)
MTP® / MPO Adapter
MTP® / MPO adapters are durable and can be quickly connected to 12, 24 or more fibers by snapping onto the adapter with a spring-loaded mechanical latch for locking. The guide pin of the MTP® / MPO fiber connector is combined with the guide pin hole of the other end connector for precise alignment of the fiber. MTP® / MPO adapters are fully compliant with IEC61754-7 and TIA 6045-5 specifications.
Description & Standard
The adapters are designed for the highest precision and the smallest structure. All adapters are compatible with MTP® Elite® connectors and MPO connector standards.
A dust cap is provided by default in a black case
The connector pin structure allows fiber optic docking to meet electromagnetic interference requirements without the need for precise insertion when inserting the connector into the adapter

小尺寸MPO 插图

MTP® fiber patch cord
      Single-mode and multimode MTP® /MPO fiber patch cords use MTP® /MPO multi-core fiber optic connectors for high-density fiber-optic routing applications in data centers and telecommunications systems. MTP® / MPO fiber optic connectors provide up to 12 times the density of standard connectors, saving space and cost.
      MTP® / MPO jumpers utilize high-precision MT ferrules with metal pins and high-precision case sizes to ensure fiber alignment MTP® /MPO supports 4, 8, 12 or 24 core bundle or ribbon cables Termination, the MTP® /MPO body is black as the standard color.

MPO 插图
Ultra High Density MTP® /MPO Fiber Distribution System
      From single-mode fiber to multimode fiber, fiber-optic systems are increasingly demanding fiber connectors, from 10G to 40G, 100G. 40G and 100G Ethernet transmissions have also become the trend of data center cabling systems. Traditional connectors are becoming more and more difficult to meet the higher density and higher performance requirements of data centers. According to international standards, high-density MTP® / MPO connectors have become the standard interface for 40G and 100G Ethernet transmission.
      10GLINK Fiber has introduced ultra-high density fiber optic wiring solutions. MTP® / MPO is a standard miniaturized, high-density fiber optic connector with multi-core ribbon/bundle cable for reliable and reliable connection. MTP® /MPO fiber patch cords with ribbon/bundle cable are pre-terminated at the factory. And testing, so that it can be quickly connected to the equipment directly at the construction site, plug and play, and support the rapid deployment of user data centers. The MTP® / MPO cabling system is the ideal solution for the growing data center high-capacity wiring requirements. It is easy to install, quick and easy to construct, requires no special tools, compact design, high precision, and plug and play.

1. The wiring system adopts modular design, higher density and specially designed ultra-small MTP® / MPO module box. More space-saving, larger capacity, each module box can accommodate 24 LC-type fiber optic connectors and transfer to MTP® / MPO interface standard 1U height standard size can accommodate 120-core standard LC interface, 2U can reach 288 core The connection capacity is more advantageous than the 1U height on the market, which can only accommodate 72-core mating systems. Today, in the case of large-scale data centers, it saves precious space for large data centers and lowers the overall cost.
2, using a unique tool-free installation design, no tools, no cumbersome operation, that is, can quickly assemble the wiring system to complete the factory pre-terminating standard production, the construction personnel do not need to carry out fiber storage, welding operation, plug and play, Save labor cost Split structure can save space, reduce transportation volume and reduce transportation cost. In addition to the MTP® / MPO fiber standard matching function, the wiring system can also realize photoelectric hybrid application. Support RJ 45 standard network cable interface module, realize the function of network distribution frame, and cover a wider range of applications.

Post time: May-22-2019
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