FULLAXS Fiber to the Antenna Rugged Interconnect

Waterproof Patch Cable Fullaxs-Dlc Fiber Optic Outdoor Patchcord


Fullaxs Connectors & Patch Cord

Fullaxs, a standard  waterproof interface, designed & developed by TE is widely used  for the wireless base station linked to FTTA equipment that set up outdoor environment. Compared with ODVA or standard PDLC , Fullaxs  its waterproof IP has better performance even up to IP68,and it also has higher sealability and strength.

As we known, Not only TE Fullaxs  fall with Ericsson’s equipments and facilities , but also Rosenberger and Senko do. Although their appearance  are not the same, TE Fullaxs, Rosenberger& Senko are compatible


To meet the needs of the next generation WiMax and long term evolution(LTE) fiber to the antenna (FTTA) connection design for outdoor use harsh requirements, has released the FullAXS connector system, which provides the remote radio between the SFP connection and the base station, used for Telecom applications. This new product to adapt the SFP transceiver provides the most widely in the market, so that end users can choose to meet the specific requirements of the transceiver system.

FullAXS-FTTA- strong, connector

Use the cable assembly firmly establish themselves through the bulk headis directly inserted into the optical fiber transceiver is directly connected to the WiMax and LTE in FTTA application. Connectors of the connection request, can accommodate a larger tolerance in Z direction. In the FullAXS connector system by allowing large Z direction of tolerance, but also provides a single hand installed in compliance with this requirement in the connector housing benefits.

With this new line of products, users can also easily removed, and through the open the entire remote radio box in do not need completely, its contents exposed in poor weather conditions bulkhead hole replace transponder.

For optical fiber connection, duplex LC interface of the connector system includes an industry standard for quick, paired with all LC duplex SFP transceiver. The FullAXS connector can be designed for either the application single mode or multimode optical fiber transmission.

Aim to provide a general platform, new products to expand the capabilities of the RJ45 and the power supply connector, and version splicing in the field installation, to adapt to any cable. Other functions of the product / system benefits include:

- is a mechanical feedback to inform the operator when the connector completely docking

During or after installation, no cable buckling

- powerful bayonet locking, convenient, fast, secure mating

- a waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant design, using metal die-casting bulkhead

- cost savings by eliminating the fiber in the management of the radio unit

The antenna feeder is connected to the specifications of the optical fiber.

■ Open bulkhead for easy access to SFP
■ Positive feedback to operator when fully mated
■ One-hand mating
■ Duplex LC interface
■ Bulkhead cutouts allow for removal of transceiver through the bulkhead (no need to open RRH for transceiver replacement)
■ Robust bayonet locking for easy, fast, and secure mating
■ Multimode and singlemode
■ Water proof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
■ Expansion to RJ45, etc
■ Plug has tolerance free design, fully free floating in Z-axis
■ No Cable buckling at any time during or after installation
■ Cost effective glass-filled polymer or metal die casted bulkhead
■ Field installable version available






 150 N Pull Force



40°C – +85°C


GR3115 (3.26.3)


50 Mating Cycles

Salt Mist

IEC 61300-2-26

Protection Class/Rating



IEC 61300-2-1

Mechanical Retention

150 N cable retention


IEC 61300-2-9


LC interface


IEC 61300-2-12

Adapter Footprint

36 mm x 36 mm

Temperature / Humidity

IEC 61300-2-22

Duplex LC Interconnect

MM or SM

Locking Style

Bayonet style


No tools required


Post time: Oct-25-2019
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