• FULLAXS Fiber to the Antenna Rugged Interconnect

    Waterproof Patch Cable Fullaxs-Dlc Fiber Optic Outdoor Patchcord Fullaxs Connectors & Patch Cord Fullaxs, a standard  waterproof interface, designed & developed by TE is widely used  for the wireless base station linked to FTTA equipment that set up outdoor environment. Compared with ODV...
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  • GYFJH Cable FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna) PATCH CORD

    A FTTA patch cord is used as: 3G 4G base station, Aerospace & Defence, Equipment diagnosis, FO sensor, FTTA ,FTTP, FTTX, WIMAX, BBU, RRU, RRH, LTE. 1.1 )Application Mainly used in wireless base station horizontal and vertical cabling 1.2 )Features 1, Good mechanical and environmental charac...
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  • 10GLINK Launches Data Center High Density Fiber Distribution Solution

    With the strong development of the Internet and big data, the information infrastructure is in full swing. With the implementation of China’s 2020, dual integration, cloud computing and other national strategic policies, it is expected that the data center market will maintain rapid growth ...
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  • 5G needs more fiber connections in the future

    At present, the competition around 5G is rapidly heating up around the world, and countries with leading technologies are competing to deploy their own 5G networks. South Korea has taken the lead in launching the world’s first commercial 5G network in April this year. Two days later, US tel...
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  • Global Ethernet cable demand is expected to exceed $19 billion in 2025

    International market research firm Research And Markets recently released an Ethernet cable report that by 2025, the global Ethernet cable market demand will reach $19,091.8 million, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 14.1% during 2018-2025. Key factors driving the growth of the globa...
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  • CWDM Deficiencies

    The biggest problem with CWDM technology is that its cost advantage over DWDM equipment is still not obvious enough. Optical transceiver modules and optical components are key to reducing costs. However, due to the small size of the market, the supplier’s shipment volume is not large, so th...
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  • What’s CWDM?

    Coarse wavelength division multiplexer (CWDM Mux/Demux) utilizes thin film coating technology and proprietary design of non-flux metal bonding micro optics packaging. It provides low insertion loss, high channel isolation, wide pass band, low temperature sensitivity and epoxy free optical path. C...
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  • China has become the world’s largest fiber exporter

    Although China has not fully completed all production lines, China is already the world’s largest fiber exporting country. The cable export reached 20 million core kilometers in 2014, while the domestic sales of fiber optic cable reached 153 million core kilometers. Strong exports indicate ...
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  • CWDM System advantages

    The most important advantage of CWDM is the low cost of equipment. The specific situation has already been introduced. In addition, another advantage of CWDM is that it can reduce the operating costs of the network. Because CWDM equipment is small in size, low in power consumption, easy to mainta...
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  • Difference of DWDM and CWDM?

    The main difference from DWDM is that CWDM has a wider wavelength spacing than the wavelength interval of 0.2 nm to 1.2 nm in the DWDM system, and the standard wavelength interval in the industry is 20 nm. The wavelengths specified in ITU-T G.694.2 are shown in Table 1. The wavelength band to whi...
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  • Special fiber optics three major markets in future

    60/100 fine-diameter polarization-maintaining fiber, anti-bending device polarization-maintaining fiber, medium-high power active fiber… At the China International Optoelectronic Expo held recently, Changfei Fiber Optic Cable Co., Ltd. highlighted Special fiber. Among them, the consistency ...
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  • CWDM Technical standard

    The 1 400nm Business Interests Organization in the United States is working to develop standards for CWDM systems. The CWDM system wavelength grid considered in the current draft proposal is divided into three bands. The “O-band” includes four wavelengths: 1290 nm, 1310 nm, 1330 nmt, ...
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